The new 545 Madison pre-built suites reinterpret retro grandeur through the lens of high performance 21st century design.

OTJ Architects leveraged a long-standing collaborative relationship with Marx Realty to develop an ensemble of high-design, full-floor prebuilt suites that allow prospective tenants to customize each suite to the specifics of their own corporate culture.

Conceptually, the design of the new pre-builts centers on an open plan layout anchored by a sculptural, hospitality inspired reception area immediately to the right of fully refurbished elevator cabins. The plan, combined with perimeter cove lighting and glass-fronted offices, allows for maximum daylight penetration deep into the floorplate.

Open workstations coupled with a select number of executive and corner “power offices” support multi-generational convergence in the workplace without compromise to acoustic or visual privacy for those individuals who roles require special consideration.

State-of-the-art conference rooms and a grand café, complete with a plush upholstered banquette in jade and cerulean velvets, sit immediately adjacent to the reception area to telegraph the property’s bold design intent immediately upon entry into the suite.